The boho style at its best.

Discover our collections of boho clothes, boho jewelry, and boho decorations. The boho style is the style of the free spirit. Chic and charming, this style that has its roots in the hippie movement allows you to wear the most beautiful boho dresses with colorful tops, sandals and comfortable clothes.

What is boho style ?

What is boho style ?

When to wear the boho clothing ?

boho clothing
bohemian style

How to wear the bohemian style ?

The history of boho fashion

boho fashion

What is the boho chic style made of ?

Bohemian style is characterized by loose clothing with bright or dull colors. The boho style is primarily intended for women that is why the symbolic clothing of boho style are boho dresses. There are also country skirts, boho tops, boho sweaters, etc.
The symbolic clothing is the boho dress or my maxi dress boho In terms of accessories we find hats, sunglasses, bohemian handbags and boho jewelry such as rings, earrings and bracelets
In terms of colors we find many different colors with their variations. We often find dull tones brown, orange, brown, blue pastel But we also find bright colors that create contrast. For prints we find the ethnic patterns, geometric patterns and floral patterns
We find many natural materials such as organic cotton, vegetable suede, linen, silk, bamboo fiber, hemp fiber, leather
We also find ornaments on the boho clothing as embroidery, lace applied, pompoms, bangs, ruffles The boho chic style is a trendy style that is timeless, it has airy and light clothing. This style is a comfortable style that is why it is so appreciated