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      153 products


      Coming from the flower power movement, the boho style is a very particular style that is characterized by a spirit of freedom expressed through colorful tones and colors and through natural materials such as macramé.

      Freedom is a central element of this style in the 70's the word started to be free and the fashion too, so we saw much more relaxed and much more colorful styles. In the bohemian style, we find a lot of flowers. That's why there are so many floral prints on our bohemian dresses. 

      The colors can be pastel colors or on the contrary very warm colors. This contradiction is the reason why boho style is so beautiful because it combines the unmixable. 

      You can both be elegant and simple, you can both be hippie and vintage, you can both like polka dot dresses as well as floral print dresses. You can both love the white bohemian dress as the multicolored boho dress. Combine the chic and the bohemian, no worries it's called boho chic

      You see this is why the free spirit of boho is so impregnable.

      Originally the bohemian style comes from the long hippie maxi dresses that were a real symbol, they went beyond being a simple dress to a simple garment. That's why we take these iconic dresses and offer them in new designs. Thus we perpetuate the boho hippie traditions while adding our touch.

      Among the natural materials, you can find rattan, very emblematic, macramé as mentioned above, velvet, jute, bamboo, suede, and finally classic cotton.

      The bohemian style comes from the 70s to the hippie era, these years have marked the beginning of our spirit of a free spirit.


      First of all, to start you should know that there is no miracle cure, you have to know it. The bohemian style is not a recipe of grandmother no. I would even say that it is the opposite, the bohemian style is the fact of releasing everything, to free the spirit of all the chains of the society. 

      The boho dress and the boho clothes are only the expressions of this particular style, they are not founders of it. You are not a bohemian hippie because you dress like this, no you are a boho hippie because you have a free spirit.

      You should know that there are a large number of boho dresses with very different materials. We can note the silk, lace, velvet. With very different styles: vintage, retro, boho chic, fancy, etc., the possibilities are endless.


      The bohemian spirit offers the possibility to dress in all colors, materials, clothing possible It is a question of spirit. It is for all these reasons that the boho look is so adopted by all young women because it is a style both revolutionary and timeless. 

      But how to continue to adopt the boho style through the winter? It's simple, we continue the dress. We propose dresses during the cold season as cotton dresses, shirt dresses to not be cold. However, we can understand that wearing only a boho dress in winter is a bit short, no worries put it together with a big knit sweater.


      Let's see if you have followed well, we saw that the bohemian style offers an infinite number of possibilities. So we can offer you casual country dresses but also chic long dresses.

      We can also imagine a short white skirt or a long skirt with flowers. The spartan and flat shoes are reserved for the beautiful hippie chic. We can imagine accessories like bohemian rings in gold, silver, moon-shaped with beautiful necklaces like those we offer in the store.

      You think that the bohemian has no sweaters for the winter to deceive you. You can very well wear a large knitted wool sweater for example. Dress or jeans it's up to you but in any case, it goes. Pants or bohemian t-shirts it's up to you but once again it passes!

      If you're more of a vintage look, you can wear an old denim jacket or an old leather jacket with a floral dress.



      To answer this question, you must first determine the season you are in. Indeed, wearing sunglasses in winter is not common yet! The boho style knows how to adapt to innovative ideas, so it is still up to you to decide in the end!

      Among the accessories of bohemian we can speak about boho rings of bohemian necklaces as mentioned above we can also cite the pompoms, scarves, and feathers. But why the most for a bohemian and well it's very simple, the boho spirit and the spirit of freedom then what better to talk about the freedom that is the strongest symbol, the birds flying.

      On your hands, you can wear shell bracelets and bohemian rings. We note for example ethnic silver necklaces with why not a ring in the form of the sun representing your passion for summer and the beach.

      On your ears, we can add feather earrings. All these jewels you can have and mix them between gold and silver as I said the bohemian style can accommodate everything.

      Why not wear a small handbag that is so cute! Or a boho chic bag is your taste and your choices must come first. 

      Romantic or casual, in all cases there are no tricks but only outfits symbolic of your hippie spirit.

      The boho outfit has a multitude of combinations: hat, sunglasses. Freedom has no borders and imagination has no limits so your boho clothes must come from you and your imagination. 

      You can choose to tie your hair up in a mess but you can also choose to let it loose, let it blow in the wind. I'm sure your hair is beautiful. 

      We can mention the flower hairstyle and the bohemian headband for your head which are also essential accessories of the bohemian

      But then what to wear in shoes when you are a bohemian? Well, it's simple EVERYTHING. 

      Here are some ideas: you can opt for a long white dress with boots. If you are more casual you can opt for a mini dress and sandals. Still casual you can opt for small ankle boots with a white bohemian summer dress that will do the trick do not worry. The sneaker you can combine with large sweaters for a look a little more bohemian streetwear. Finally, the heels for the most feminine of you can be perfect sidekicks for the true bohemian.


      Don't be afraid of people's eyes, don't be afraid of your curves, the bohemian style is a style for all strong women. Whether you are round, thin, dark-skinned, all dresses are for all human beings. Here no discrimination.

      Our bohemian dresses will highlight your curves without altering your beautiful silhouette. Elegant or casual, there is something for everyone. A boho dress is a dress for strong women no matter what your body type.

      There are indeed loose dresses, mini dresses, tight dresses, vintage dresses, floral print dresses, white dresses, do not dwell too much on it all. Be sure that you will have a shoe to fit. It's all a question of style: vintage, hippie chic, or floral print fans.

      If you are rather tall we can advise you, for example, the empire cut which will be ideal to emphasize your curves and your pretty chest!

      Fluid, light, our dresses adapt to all morphologies, to all situations winter, summer, beach, evening



      Whether you are inviting yourself to a bohemian wedding or you are the bride, there are many wedding dresses in our inventory. The boho dress is and must be essential in the dressing room of all women. Indeed, there are maxi long dresses of all colors if you do not know what color you should be or you just do not know how to choose. There are also white lace dresses for all the casual wedding fans for bohemians.


      IF you are a fan of embroidery, some of the chic dresses are equipped with these precious embroideries. If you want to be more elegant and feminine, there are beautiful bare-back evening dresses for all women. The boho wedding should be a time of gathering that's why the chic dress should be perfect.





      It is true that, regardless of the fact that our dresses are beautiful, we should be able to buy our dresses from us. Boho-Andromeda is a store that puts bohemians back in the center of the store. 

      Bohemian clothing is sorted to offer the best comfort and quality for the wearer of the dress for example. The woman must be the priority for us no matter the morphology, the skin color, our dresses go to everyone always ensuring quality, comfort, and softness. 

      Our designs favor the boho style with materials such as rattan, macramé, cotton, velvet, and of course lace for the white dresses. The textures of our dresses must be pleasant and the embroidery must be done to perfection. 

      The bohemian must feel elegant while being relaxed thanks to soft fabrics

      We have chosen to make dresses in all colors, red, white, green, brown, yellow, blue whatever the color must be vibrant. The bohemian must be able to find the dress that will fit.

      The bohemian dress must be able to accompany her everywhere she goes and must be able to face the sand of the beaches, the wear of the rain and the washing machine. The boho dress must be able to face the cold of winter and the heat of summer. So there are models that are more suitable for one season than the other.

      The bohemian style is not only a style of dress, it is a spirit: The bohemian spirit. The boho spirit is characterized by the need to be an adventurer, a creator, an artist, a daring person, in short, a free person.