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      79 products


      Bohemian jewelry can be a bohemian ring, a boho necklace, ethnic pendant, feather earrings, and a bohemian choker. But what defines a piece of jewelry in the bohemian category? 

      It is difficult to define the bohemian style for the jewelry itself, so it is best to give you examples. Bohemian jewelry is often imposing and very fancy but reminiscent of nature, we can find large feather earrings, necklaces, and many rings oh yes. The best way to define the boho style is to look at our jewelry, you will understand.

      The jewelry is a central element of boho accessories that is why the bohemian jewelry can be placed in the center of a hippie outfit for example. The jewelry allows you to give you that romantic charm so special. Ranging from gold to silver through feathers, shells, and precious piece, the bohemian jewelry has not finished evolving.


      First of all, it depends on your style and your personality, the bohemian style is not only a style but also a free spirit, so each one has his own taste, then it depends on whether you are a person who keeps the same jewelry every day or whether you are the one who will change every day according to your outfit.

      To choose your jewelry, know how to match your jewelry with the color of your boho clothes. Attention if you know that you are going to spend or move all night do not take your most precious jewelry it seems obvious but boho jewelry lost a sad bohemian. Pay attention to all the clasps if they are well closed to avoid any unfortunate event.


      At the time of ordering check well if your jewelry is discolored or not because of a lack of a layer of varnish otherwise you can do it at home with a transparent varnish

      Then we will break the myths 

      Myth number 1:

      Bohemian jewelry is less quality than classic jewelry because it is jewelry for a hippie. At Boho-Andromeda no such thing, we put at the heart of our efforts the bohemian that's why our jewelry are all quality costume jewelry made to ensure superior quality through quality development. 

      Myth number 2:

      A vintage jewel is of less good quality because deteriorated no the vintage jewels are rare parts but are not with us of bad qualities quite the contrary


      Boho a-Andromeda selects the best possible jewelry and accessories for our little bohemians. We pledge to provide the highest quality so that everyone is as satisfied as possible. Therefore, we offer the most elegant and fancy boho jewelry. We regularly update ourselves to follow all the latest boho trends, such as the ethnic trend. Our jewels are as much for women as for men, we want to be universal. 

      Boho Andromeda thus tries to be able to answer all the styles of all the bohemian women. We can mention the boho-chic style, the hippie style, and the retro style. Necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, chokers, everything should fit. Whether in sterling steel, gold, gold plated, iron you should be able to find a ring on your finger


      Express your boho style with our boho jewelry. Fall in love with our hippie jewelry in gold, sterling silver with gemstones, or in the shape of a flower, there are almost infinite possibilities in our catalog of jewels.

      If you want to embrace the iconic bohemian look, our gems are here for you. If you are more of a vintage bohemian, no worries there is a multitude of jewelry in the vintage boho style. 

      The retro jewelry is not the only one there is for the boho-chic and the hippy-chic jewelry that is also very famous. You can also find beaded necklaces that are particularly fashionable at the moment.

      Bringing a bohemian element to your bohemian look is no longer a luxury not us popularizing this style for you

      You want to make your ankles more glamorous, no worries, we have jewelry for ankles, we can mention the beach anklets but also foot jewelry. The boho style is an infinite style that wants to be innovative and creative that's why you can put boho chic jewelry everywhere all you need is a free spirit and a good imagination. We know that for the bold and adventurous you are you will have no trouble meeting these criteria.


      In the boho style the necklace, the earrings, and the ring are essential elements to express your personality and your bohemian style. With a boho dress, you would not see yourself wearing a nice choker with shell bracelets! Boho accessories should be essential elements.

      The bohemian look is within your reach, in our inventory you can find moon-shaped jewelry to go with a bohemian flower dress. Femininity and fantasy are essential elements for a remarkable bohemian style and outfit.

      The bohemian look and style are found in freedom so free your mind before putting on your hippie accessories

      For example, you can opt for large dangling earrings to immerse yourself in the bohemian world. Of course, you have to layer the bohemian rings because it is an essential element of a real bohemian with lots of rings and bracelets that overlap. You can choose with those ethnic, floral, sun-shaped moon pendants.